Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #11

I liked creating a word wall and finding out about the many links to different sites as well as educational apps.    I realize that students today are way way more advanced than when I was in high school and that I must stay on top of new technologies to better teach/monitor my students.

I think I will be using atomic leaning from time to time this year to keep current and as a reminder of what is out there.

Tool #10


I think it is important to discuss to students that once something is posted you can't get it back.  Also talk about what cyberbullying is.

I think I will use Atomic Learning.

A handout telling students what digital citizenship is and giving examples could be discussed and then have each student take the handout home for their parents to sign.  TEA internet safety page is a great source for parents and students to explore.

Tool #9

smithsonian Channel for iPad 
Dedicated to television that explores the history of our planet, life and culture. Features: - Story Space, a playlist0builder that allows you to create your won channel based on your interests. - Hundreds of videos -Rotating selection of full episodes -Smart auto-play mode to continuously play related videos -Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing capagilities -Channel Finder -Notifications for new and featured content -On-Air schedule

Learn anything from math to chemistry or take a minute to relax and enjoy some trivia; anywhere and anytime

Easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers - can upload pictures to your iPod Touch from your computer - requires installing Dropbox on your computer as well

I found the above apps through the SBISD "

Tools for 21st Century Learning iwebsites.  These along with a host of others are great for IPad apps for my classroom.  

Tool #8

 I have an IPad that I use at my home.  I'm familiar on using it but would need to do more research on educational apps.  If I had a good app that kids liked to use for learning a particular subject it would be great for reviewing students.

I would have a sign-out sheet and would lock the IPad in a secure place when not using.  I would also actively monitor students when they are using it.

Tool #7

Collaborate with other ISS teachers in the school district by setting up asynchronous learning and tools.

Teachers could share disciple techniques as well as documentation files from a shared folder. Also sharing and discussing all problems dealing with getting assignments from teacher and any good throw down assignments when getting new students.

From opening 1st period to how to wind the day down and keeping kids working all day are some subjects to discuss.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #6

I tried WallWisher and I think it could help in classrooms.  Students could post comments about the lesson as well as any problems with their homework assignments.  

Tool #5

  Was able to work with ABCya Word Clouds for kids.  This could help with learning KEY words for any subject matter.

Tool #4

Google Docs App can help with staff as well as students.  Documents can be sent to many people with immediate feedback being given.  When a receive a new student in my class who is labeled with a 504, I always get a google apps docs from the secretary.

Tool #3

In tool #3 learning how to put a video into one's blog.  The drop box is useful to access info from the internet.  Make sure to comply with legal copyrights when sharing in your blog.

Tool #2

I visited several blogs today.
Blogging can be helpfull and in the future I will visit classroom 2.0 http//

Wednesday, May 16, 2012